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There are many ways to describe what Revels “is”. Revels is “a spirited mix of folk music and storytelling, drama and singalong,” (The New York Times); “a reminder of our commonality” (Noel Paul Stookey), and “a unique way to celebrate the seasonal rituals of the world” (Yo-Yo Ma). Revels is also “an uplifting salve”, “a multi-generational celebration”, and “a way to learn and have lots of fun at the same time”. We encourage you to explore the resources below, join us for an event or class, and begin to discover what Revels is to you.

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Revels is a joyous sum of its many parts. We invite you to explore all the ways you can get involved with Revels, such as participating in our performances, volunteering, making a donation, or simply joining us in song as a member of the audience.

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Our generous sponsors make it possible for Revels to produce world-class performances and educational programs for our audiences.

Let us know how we can work together to promote music, dance, and community!

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