Triveni School of Dance: Dancing to Connect - Classical Indian Dance and Rhythm

We are thrilled to present Season Two of #RevelsConnects: Musical Connections! This series explores musical traditions from around the world with intimate virtual experiences including 45-minute salon-style performances with a variety of cultural tradition bearers. Each performance is hosted for FREE on Facebook Live and followed by a companion podcast produced in collaboration with the Mass Cultural Council and hosted by the MCC’s Folk Arts & Heritage Program Manager, Maggie Holtzberg.

Rave Reviews

Thank you all so much for doing this. I know these are tough times and so the effort you are all making is really appreciated! Light in dark times.

Edward K.

Thank you all who made these wonderful concerts available . I appreciate the exposure to different cultures.

Daniel R.
Coming Soon from #RevelsConnects: Musical Connections

FEBRUARY 27, 5 PM ET – Flutist Hawk Henries: Songs of the Earth and Spirit
MARCH 27, 5 PM ET – Christiane Karam: Music of the Middle East and Balkans
APRIL 24, 5 PM ET – Suzannah Park: Appalachian Musical Storytelling

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Revels has always been about community – gathering, singing together, celebrating together. While we can’t be together in person right now, thanks to technology (and the many people who have helped Revels harness this technology), we can be together online through #RevelsConnects – an online, virtual community.

Stay safe and keep singing!