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Sally Go Round the Moon

Item Number: SB1085


Designed for use by parents, teachers, or children themselves, this lovely collection by John and Nancy Langstaff comes with simple instructions on how to sing and play games to 81 timeless folk classics. Featuring gorgeous silhouette drawings by Jan Pienkowski, Langstaff offers tips on what games can be played to the songs and shows where children can inject their own names, use their hands or bodies, clap, march along, and find other fun ways to make these timeless tunes their own.

Index of Titles

A-Hunting We Will Go
Allee-Allee O, The
All the Ducks
Ally Bally
Big Procession the
Billy Boy
Bobby Shaftoe
Bow Down, O Belinda
Brother Rabbit
By’n Bye
Captain Jinks
Cocky Robin
Creep, Mouse, Creep
Daddy Shot a Bear
Draw a Bucket of Water
Floating Down the River
Frog Went A-Courtin’
Go and Tell Aunt Nancy
God, Our Loving Father
Going to Boston
Good-bye, Old Paint
Green Gravel
Here Comes Sally!
Here Comes Two Dukes A-Riding
Here We Come on Our Ponies
Hickory, Dickory Dock
Hoosen Johnny
Hop Up, My Ladies
Hot Cross Buns
Hush-a-bye, Baby
Hush Up, Baby
If All the World Were Paper
I Gave My Love a Cherry
I Had a Little Nut Tree
Jackfish, The
Jeremiah, Blow the Fire
Jim Along, Josie
Johnny, Get Your Hair Cut
Jolly Is the Miller Boy
Jump Josie
Keel Row, The
Lavender’s Blue
Lazy John
Little Betty Martin
Little Black Bull, The
Little Pig, The
London Hill
Mary Wore a Red Dress
Mockingbird, The
Muffin Man, The
Noble Duke of York, The
North Wind Doth Blow, The
Oats and Beans
Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be?
Old Bald Eagle
Old Gray Goose
Old Roger
Our Gallant Ship
Phoebe in Her Petticoat
Pick a Bale of Cotton
Polly Perkin
Polly, Put the Kettle On
Pop! Goes the Weasel
Riddle Song, The
Roman Soldiers, The
Sally Go Round the Moon
Sandy Land
Santy Maloney
See How I’m Jumping
See-saw, Sacra-down
Shanghai Chicken
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Susan Had a Little Puppy
There Stands a Lady on a Mountain
This Little Light o’ Mine
This Old Man
Three Times Around
To People Who Have Gardens
Tottenham Toad, The
Two in a Boat
When I Was a Young Girl (or Boy)
Who Built the Ark?
Willie Foster
Will you Wear Red?
Young Lambs to Sell