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A Revels Christmas in Wales

Item Number: CD2015


Making a new Revels recording is like traveling to a foreign land for the first time. When we began assembling this collection of Welsh music for the Christmas Season, cretain “must-do” favorites emerged, like the “must-visit” chapels, castles and valleys that beckon to the Wales tourist. Along the way a number of lesser-known gems surfaced, like those unexpected delights off the beaten track that the curious traveler encounters. The deeper we delved into these songs, the more we learned about the rich and complex history of this ancient land.

“The exuberance and sheer entertainment of the Revels approach is hard to resist.”   – Boston Herald

“From this recording and the excellent liner notes, we sense what it feels like to be at a Revels event….The performances are sincere, honest, and therefore powerful.” – Kodaly Envoy

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Full songlist below:

1. Overture
2. Ar Hyd y Nos
3. The Old Year Is Dying
4. This Very Day
5. Reels
6. Calon Lan
7. Y Gelynnen
8. Ar Lan y Mor
9. Polkas
10. Dryw Bach
11. Llwyn Onn
12. Men of Harlech
13. Dafydd y Garreg Wen
14. Sospan Fach
15. Suo Gan
16. Come You Home Again
17. Lisa Lan
18. Y Broga Bach
19. Si Hei Lwli ‘Mabi
20. Merch Megan
21. Deffrown, Deffrwon
22. Slip Jigs
23. A Parrot on a Pear Tree
24. Sing we Now