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Last Trip Home by David Coffin

Item Number: CD3105


Stepping out from under his Maritime hat, David Coffin performs songs cover a wide span of topics, from the Clydesdales horses to the coal mines of Scotland; from the struggling fishermen to a hopeful song of Spring; and a new instrumental arrangement of Spered Holvedel. And of course, he’s thrown in a few “chestnuts” including Stephen Foster’s “Hard Times” and a tribute to John Langstaff, Cecil Sharp’s collected version of John Barleycorn.


Ways of Man
Cork Harbour
The Big Hewer
John Barleycorn
Spered Holvedel
Boney’s Defeat
Benjamin Bowmaneer
The Fisherman’s Song/Lament for the Fisherman’s Wife
No More Fish No Fishermen
Hard Times
So Will We Yet
Spring Song

Bonus Track for download: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod