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Rose and Thistle

Item Number: CD2005


This CD features the radiant voice of soprano Jayne Tankersley and the robust sound of baritone David Coffin, along with a spirited Christmas Revels chorus, first-rate English Renaissance and Scottish Baroque instrumental ensembles playing exquisite airs and lively dances, and a high-energy children’s chorus singing infectious traditional songs. The Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble lends its rich support to the chorus, and a band of Scottish Highland pipers rounds out the recording.

From the clashing swords in “The Buffens” to the haunting solo fiddle of “Da Day Dawis” to the descant soaring over the chorus and brass in “Rorate Coeli Desuper,” this collection is an essential addition to your music library and a great gift for anyone.

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Full songlist below:

1. Blessed Be That Maid Marie
2. The Buffens
3. The Old Year Now Away Is Fled
4. The Black Alman
5. What Child Is This?
6. Pastime with Good Company
7. Courante
8. Carol of the Twelve Days
9. Deo Gratias
10. Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sang
11. Praeludium
12. Mistress Nichols Almand
13. The Earl of Essex Galliard
14. Volta
15. Da Day Dawis
16. All Sons of Adam
17. My Lord of Marche Paven
18. Galliard
19. Lyttil Blak
20. Coulter’s Candy
21. The Three Craws
22. Will Ye No’ Come Back Again?
23. Blue Bonnets Pipe March/Drops of Brandy
24. Some Say the Devil’s Dead
25. The Four Tradesmen
26. Ca’ the Yowes
27. Niel Gow’s Lamentation for the Death of his Second Wife
28. The Haughs of Cromdale
29. Medley of Scottish Reels
30. Sae Will We Yet
31. Medley of Highland Pipes Tunes
32. Rorate Coeli Desuper