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Nottamun Town

Item Number: CD2003


British and American folksongs and ballads with Martin Best, guitar

“…a ringing authority that at moments I find quite startling.”–folklorist Douglas Kennedy
The artistry of John Langstaff is celebrated in this stunning recording of some of the finest British and American ballads and folksongs. Whether supported by guitarist Martin Best’s tasteful renderings of Cecil Sharp’s piano accompaniments or singing a capella, Langstaff’s sensitive performance of these songs is a rare treat for the listener. The 16 selections were originally recorded in 1964 for EMI.See a review in All Music Guide

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Full songlist below:

1. The False Knight
2. The Little Turtle Dove
3. Seventeen Come Sunday
4. Sir Patrick Spens
5. Blow Away the Morning Dew
6. The Trees They Do Grow High
7. The Crawfish Man’s Street Cry
8. She Moved Through the Fair
9. The Golden Vanity
10. The Rich Old Lady
11. Nottamun Town
12. John Barleycorn
13. The Jolly Ploughboy
14. St. James Hospital
15. The Brisk Young Widow
16. Six Dukes Went a-Fishing