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Homeward Bound

Item Number: CD2002


Not all nautical songs are sea chanteys. This CD features muscular chanteys, the songs sailors used to work in rhythm while hauling lines, hoisting sails, lifting anchor, or simply swabbing the decks, but also includes the lonely ballads sailors shared off-duty and the everyday songs sung onshore by women and families, all creating a vivid, transporting portrait of maritime culture. The Revels Chorus is joined by British traditional singers David Jones, Louis Killen, John Roberts, and Tony Barrand.

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Full songlist below:

1. Roll Down
2. Can’t You Dance the Polka?
3. Threescore and Ten
4. The Maid on the Shore
5. Ocean
6. The Leaving of Liverpool
7. Here’s a Health to the Company
8. Drake’s Drum
9. Run the Riggin’ Again
10. Noah’s Ark
11. The Herring’s Head
12. The Fish of the Sea
13. Yea Ho, Little Fish
14. Dance Set
15. Euroclydon
16. Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy
17. Boston
18. Blood-Red Roses
19. Anchor Song
20. Lady Franklin’s Lament
21. The Last Leviathan
22. Rolling Down to Old Maui
23. The Jamestown Homeward Bound
24. Rolling Home to Old New England