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Celtic Roads

Item Number: CD1099


This globetrotting, 70-minute CD wanders the vistas of Celtic culture from the British Isles and Ireland to France’s Brittany. An exhilarating set of familiar and less familiar tunes, this collection is culled from several Revels productions and performed with fireside charm, sweet harmony, and swashbuckling verve.

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Full songlist below:

1. Strobinell
2. Quand J’etais Jeune
3. Traveller Band Set
4. Bheir Mi O
5. The Travelling Candyman/Sean Bui
6. Le Semeur
7. Breton Band Set
8. La Mal Mariee
9. Son Ar Chistr
10. Sweet Blooming Lavender
11. Breton Band Set
12. An T-Aiseiri
13. Bannielou Lambaol
14. En Passant par la Lorraine
15. Livaden Ker-Is
16. Traveller Band Set
17. Eun Dans Kanet/Choukom Dei
18. The Travelling People
19. Mary Young and Fair / Carolan’s Welcome
20. Kenavo D’ar Yaouankis
21. To the Begging I Will Go / Jack of All Trades
22. Gwin Ar Câ??hallaoued/Gavotte
23. Traveller Band Set
24. Airde Cuain
25. The Parting Glass