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The Lark in the Morn

Item Number: CD2004


In the final issue of this archival collection, John Langstaff once again reveals himself to be a master singer and storyteller. He is accompanied here by some of the finest musicians of the day including pianists Sir Gerald Moore, Sam Mason, and the singer’s wife, Nancy Woodbridge. The accompanying booklet contains a Foreword by Sir George Martin, Langstaff’s original producer. The CD contains 37 selections, some with arrangements by British folk song collector Cecil Sharp.

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Full songlist below:

1. Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair
2. Bingo
3. I Wish I Was a Child Again
4. Hares on the Mountain
5. The Two Magicians
6. Lady Maisry
7. Edward
8. As I Walked Through the Meadows
9. The Lark in the Morn
10. The Gypsy Laddie
11. Go and Tell Aunt Nancy
12. Soldier, Soldier, Won’t You Marry Me?
13. Cripple Creek Girls
14. The Tottenham Toad
15. The Frog in the Well
16. Dance to Your Daddy
17. As I Was Going to Banbury
18. The Swapping Song
19. Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron
20. O My Love, Will You Wear Red?
21. The Frog and the Mouse
22. Cocky Robin
23. What’ll We Do With the Baby?
24. The Mocking Bird (Hush Up, Baby)
25. Tiny Man
26. Weekdays and Sundays
27. Oh Jacky, Stand Still
28. Turn Round, Turn Round
29. A Basket Full of Nuts
30. Our Baby Prince
31. All the Ducks
32. Polly Perkin
33. Follow the Leader
34. Poor Doggie
35. Baby’s Song