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Nantucket Sleighride

Item Number: CD3404


David Coffin and his band, The Nantucket Sleighride, perform spirited arrangements of old and new songs about life at sea along with some haunting ballads of its perils. Songs include “Rolling Down to Old Maui,” “We Have Fed Our Sea,” “Coasts of High Barbary,” and “Seamans’ Hymn.” David has been an important part of Spring and Christmas Revels productions since 1980, as Revels Artist-in-Residence, singer, instrumentalist, and audience leader.


1. The Bonny Ship the Diamond
2. Rolling Down to Old Maui
3. Wings of a Goney
4. Soon May the Wellermen Come
5. Farewell to Tarwathie
6. North Sea Holes
7. The Reach
8. Catch Tiny Fish for Japan
9. Coasts of High Barbary
10. Flowers of Bermuda
11. On Board a 98
12. Seaman’s Hymn
13. We Have Fed Our Sea
14. Sugar Trade
15. Jamestown Homeward Bound
16. Rounding the Horn
17. Yankee Whalermen