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A Tune for All Seasons

Item Number: CD 3400


Ensemble Passacaglia is an instrumental quartet specializing in ancient and world music. The group plays a variety of music from the medieval and renaissance eras to the present, mainly from Europe but also from the Middle East and the Americas.  Their repertoire includes lute songs, madrigals, canzonas, processionals, and a variety of dance pieces from pavanes and galliards to Turkish melodies and Latin-inspired tangos and waltzes.


1. Ecco la Primavera
2. Flowers of Spring / Jackie Small’s / Kid on the Mountain
3. Quen a Moagen da Virgen / Como Poden per sas Culpas
4. Mon Couer se Recommande à Vous
5. S’on Me Regard
6. Rosa das Rosas / Douce Dame Jolie
7. Sumer Is Icumen In
8. Longa Farahfaza
9. Ahi, Amours / Miri it Is
10. Two Estampie
11. J’ai Vu le Loup / Bransle de Chevaux
12. Caesar’s Waltz / Steciak’s/Tango Mimos
13. Folias Gallegas
14. Margot, Labourez les Vignes/Ronde IX
15. Nihavent Longa
16. Mas, que Nada
17. Browning
18. Tourner à Trois / Elizabeth
19. Amgelus ad Virginem
20. Wexford Carol
21. Sir Christesmas / There is no Rose
22. Levanta, Pascual
23. Entre le Bouef et l’Âne Gris / El Cant des Aucells
24. Gaudete