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John Langstaff Sings The Jackfish and More Songs for Singing Children

Item Number: CD2201


Originally recorded in the 1950s by EMI, these 35 charming, sprightly folk songs were picked by Langstaff for the ease with which children can sing them–and the fun they have doing it. Each is placed in its own vivid jewel-box setting, some with full orchestra, others unaccompanied or sung to simple dulcimer or piano. Most of the tracks were produced by legendary Beatles producer George Martin, the settings created by British composer Ron Goodwin.

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Full songlist below:

1. The Jackfish
2. Phoebe In Her Petticoat
3. Knock Along, Brother Rabbit
4. The Mocking Bird
5. The Tottenham Toad
6. Shady Grove
7. Lavender’s Blue
8. The Souling Song
9. The May Day Carol
10. My Boy, Billy
11. Will You Wear Red?
12. What’ll We Do With The Baby
13. Our Baby Prince
14. All The Ducks
15. Polly Perkin/Follow The Leader
16. Poor Old Doggie
17. Tiny May, What Are You Doing At My Door?
18. Weekdays and Sundays
19. O Jacky, Stand Still
20. Joan Has Lost Her Silver Locket
21. A Basketful of Nuts I’ve Gathered
22. Baby’s Song
23. Our Gallant Ship
24. This Old Man
25. Here Come Three Dukes A-Riding
26. Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron
27. Old Roger Is Dead
28. One Man Shall Mow My Meadow
29. The Noble Duke Of York
30. Bingo
31. The Frog In The Well
32. Cocky Robin
33. The Frog And The Mouse
34. Cripple Creek Girls
35. Dance To Your Daddy