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About Revels

Item Number: PC3987


Published by the California Revels in 2000, About Revels compiles many of the best pieces written about Revels over the years. Evocative, moving, and informative, the essays include contributions from world-renowned scholars and performers, as well as from people at the heart of Revels who describe what makes it all happen.


From the Preface:

…The distinctive thing about Revels as a form of theater is the way it pairs ritual with performance. When I first imagined this collection of essays, that juxtaposition struck me as key – key to the way Reels takes theater and turns it into a vehicle for celebration. In sorting through the many pieces written about Reels over the years, I found wonderful descriptions of how that juxtaposition works and how it infuses Revels with celebration…


Featuring articles from Revels founder John Langstaff, Revels current artistic director Patrick Swanson, world-renowned authors Susan Cooper (The Dark Is Rising) and Gregory Maguire (Wicked), and Harvard theologian Harvey Cox, among others.