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Seasons for Singing

Item Number: CD1095


“…the big, enthusiastic chorus is cheerful and friendly…an excellent source of sing-along songs, suitable for all ages.” Sing Out! The Folk Music Magazine

Let Revels take you through the year in this pastoral ode to rural life, from spring carols to summer flirtations, wedding dances to harvest hymns, tongue-twisty pub rounds to wistful cowboy songs. Performed by members of the Cambridge Spring Revels.

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Full songlist below:

1. Now We Are Met
2. Good Ale
3. Speed the Plough
4. Hal-and-Tow
5. Well Rung, Tom
6. Under This Stone Lies Gabriel John
7. Hark! the Bonny Christ Church Bells Ring
8. Byrd one Brere
9. The Turtle Dove
10. Jones’s Ale
11. Dance Reels: The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Harvest Home
12. On Ilkla Moor Bah T’at
13. Mairi’s Wedding
14. Say, Mighty Love
15. Haste to the Wedding
16. The Wedding Hymn
17. In Wisdom’s Lovely, Pleasant Ways
18. The Earth Is our Mother
19. The Rivers of Texas
20. Palms of Victory
21. Once More A-Lumbering Go
22. Fare You Well, Mary Ann
23. Fathom the Bowl
24. The Farmer
25. As I Was Going to Banbury
26. Green Broom
27. Bridgwater Fair
28. One April Morning
29. Miri It Is
30. Sellenger’s Round
31. The Padstow Mayers’ Song