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Valse de Noël

Item Number: CD2016


French-speaking Acadian people, deported from the Canadian Maritimes, were scattered about the American continent in the 18th century. May of them landed in the multicultural and polyglot Louisiana, where “Acadian” music evolved into “Cajun,” while those who eventually returned to Canada rekindled their distinctive Acadian style.

Today those genres are vastly different, yet the historical bridges remain: the fiddle has traditionally been the driving force in both Acadian and Cajun dance music, and many songs embody archetypal themes of deep yearning. Most importantly, in spite of the challenges they have faced, both peoples know how to make their own fun, refuse to take themselves too seriously, and love to dance. This collection of vocal and instrumental music from both communities reflects their shared commitment to laissez les bons temps rouler!

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Full songlist below:

1. Acadian Overture
2. Les Anges dans nos campanges
3. Quadrille de Sainte-Marie-sur_Mer: la premuere barre
4. Melchior et Balthazar
5. Acadian Mouth Music
6. Nouvelle agreable
7. La Disputeuse/Quadrille d’Andre a Toto Savoie
8. Les Cloches du hameau
9. Le Voyageur
10. La Rose au bois
11. D’ou viens-tu bergere?
12. La Petite Rosette
13. Partons, la mer est belle
14. La Poulette grise
15. Reel du diable/Cotillion madelinot/La Gigue a Claude Austin
16. LeDepart du Canada
17. Grain de mil
18. Les Veuves de la coulee
19. La Valse Cadienne de Noel
20. The Rayne Bounce/Acadian Two-Step
21. Daddy Carriere’s Waltz
22. J’ai vu le loup, le renard et la belette
23. La Derniere Valse
24. Ave Maris Stella