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Tutta Bella: A Venetian Christmas Revels

Item Number: CD2017


Megan Henderson and her fine band of singers and instrumentalists whisk us back to Renaissance Venice for Christmas festivities. Alongside the work of Venetian-born composers is music written by musicians who visited or settled in the city. Various types of early guitar are joined by a host of wind and brass instruments to make for lovely sounds and textures. The Revels Children’s Chorus sings with an abandon, fervor, and infectious enthusiasm that will bring a smile to your face.

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Full songlist below:

1. Canzona per Sonare 2
2. La Bella Franceschina
3. Quanno Nascette Ninno
4. U Leva Leva
5. Aria di Firencze
6. Sempre Mi Ride Sta
7. Ave Maria
8. Se l’Aura Spira
9. Madama Dore
10. La Me Nona l’e Vecchierella
11. Jacaras
12. Lamento Della Ninfa
13. Damigella Tutta Bella
14. Chjama a Gabriellu
15. Cingari Simo
16. Capricciata e Contraponto Bestiale alla Mente
17. Giro Giro Tondo
18. La Befana
19. Sonata sopra la Bergamasca
20. Si Dolce e’l Tormento
21. Quel Sguardo Sdegnosetto
22. Libera Me Domine
23. Maria
24. Capona/Canario
25. Uzkudar’a Gider Iken
26. Neviskja Koleda
27. O Sanctissima